What does the drone mean in dulcimers?

Answer The dulcimer was probably based on Scottish bagpipes. The characteristic sound of bagpipes, and consequently the dulcimer, is the continuous sound of notes that do not change pitch. This sound is k... Read More »

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Where are hammered dulcimers from?

Although the exact origin of the hammered dulcimer is unknown, historians believe the instrument was created about 900 A.D. in the Middle East. It is related to an older instrument known as the psa... Read More »

What does honey bee no drone mean?

Honey bee, no drone means that there aren't any male bees in the hive to fertilize the queen. Normally, there is one queen, a few thousand drones and a few thousand sterile female worker bees that ... Read More »

What target drone is used for?

It's used to mimic an enemy aircraft for defenders to use for target practice or systems testing by trying to shoot it down.

What is the antonym for drone?

There are two definitions for drone. The first definition is used to describe a lazy person, a loafer, someone who sponges off another, or an idle person. The second is to describe a sound, a buzz,... Read More »