What does the doctor do to get the baby out of the belly of a woman?

Answer Are you retarded.

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A pregnant woman is taking flu medication prescribed by her doctor The baby is born severly deformed Does she and the baby have a claim?

Deformities are caused in the first few weeks of pregnancy almost before the woman even knows she is pregnant. There are so many things that can cause deformity and flu medication is not among them... Read More »

Woman who helps deliver a baby without a doctor?

That would be a midwife. There are several types of midwives here in America. You can find out about one type, here: are more used in this country then most people thin... Read More »

When a woman gives birth which part of the woman's body does the baby come out of?

What do you call it when a fat woman has a belly that hangs low between her legs?

its called a FUPA duh.... the Fat Under Pu$$y Area