What does the digital camera look like?

Answer Digital Cameras look almost like Film Cameras, only Digital Cameras are more "Computerized" and dont need film, Digital Cameras have an Addition from Arpiture,Shutter Speed, and ISO, they have Mega... Read More »

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What did the first digital camera look like?

To be exact, the first ever DIGITAL camera looked much like a KFC box with a black guy chasing it. I know this may seem weird but it also had Brad Pitt stating he likes young Japanese children writ... Read More »

I bought a Canon EOS SLR camera over 20 yrs ago and you would like to update it to a digital one any recommendations as to what digital camera one can purchase that is comprable or better?

Obviously depends on quality of the pictures, but you should get about 300-500.

I am look for a good digital camera for like under $200 bucks and is easy to operate?

The Canon A590…

What does digital green look like?