What does the date mark CE stand for?

Answer The letters "C.E." stand for "Common Era"---a term commonly used in modern Gregorian calendar systems as a neutral replacement to the Christian faith-based "A.D." which stands for "Anno Domini" (La... Read More »

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What does sm stand for on a trade mark?

"SM" on a trademark stands for service mark. You use that mark only on services while you can use the "TM" mark on goods or services. You can use either mark at any time or in any place even if you... Read More »

Date mark shuttleworth land moon?

He simply didn't.. He was the 1st South African in space. He did not land on the moon though.

What does the exclamation mark mean in mathematics?

In math, the exclamation mark represents a factorial, as in "n!" The "n!" represents the product of consecutive numbers 1 through "n," as in n!=1x2x3 ... (n-2)(n-1)n. For example, 5!=1x2x3x4x5. Zer... Read More »

What kind of painting does Mark Rothko do?

The National Gallery of Art defines Mark Rothko's paintings as abstract. His early works were influenced by the figurative works of Cezanne and Avery and the surrealist creations of Miro, but his l... Read More »