What does the dash above the e mean?

Answer A small dash above the letter "e" represents an accent mark. Accent marks indicate where the stress should be placed when reading a word out loud. In some languages, accent marks are used to differ... Read More »

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What does above board mean?

According to, the term "above board" means "openly and without trickery." It dates to at least 1616, when the term was used in the play, "The Custom of the Country." It is believed to ... Read More »

What does loyalty above all else mean?

"Loyalty above all else" means that friends or relatives will remain loyal to one another regardless of the circumstances. This can include standing up for and defending a person who is facing crit... Read More »

What does the star above the N mean on the Navy logo?

What does it mean to swell above flood stage?

The term flood stage describes the specific level or height of an inland body of water that, when surpassed, creates risk to property, people, and commerce. When that body of water swells above flo... Read More »