My Brother 420CN keeps saying "Cover is open please close the scanner cover" How do I solve this problem?

Answer look around for a hole where there should be a switch that is pressed when the lid is closes. it could be that the plastic spoke that presses the switch broke or the switch its self broke.It could ... Read More »

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Do solar cover reels really make it easier to remove the cover and is it worth the money?

Answer My pool is 44 x 20. If I didn't have a reel, there would be no way that I could pull the solar cover off by myself. I think it depends on how big your pool is but I couldn't use my solar cov... Read More »

How do i cover something up on a video with sony vega platinum 10 i want to cover my license plate with a pic?

Here's a basic easy way of doing it. Of course if it's in a video and the vehicle or videographer is moving,then you'll have to use track motion as well.Made you a one minute tutorial:https://www.b... Read More »

What's the best make-up to cover a small bruise I'm getting married this weekend and need a cover-up fast!?

if hes beating you already i'd forget the wedding, lolany foundation should cover it.

What type of manhole cover is provided in the water tank in your house,a cement slab or an iron cover?

Many Houses have concrete slabs for the overhead water tanks. at Indian especially chennai it is not posses any danger. only a tornado kind of wind can pull from through away. even heavy cyclones s... Read More »