What does the cooking term steep mean?

Answer In cooking, the term "steep" can mean several things. It can mean to soften or extract something by soaking in liquid, such as tea leaves. It can refer to the liquid itself. Steep can also mean to ... Read More »

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What does the cooking term parboiled mean?

Parboiling means to partly cook a food in boiling water, according to the website It is commonly used for vegetables such as potatoes or carrots, which require a longer cooking time ... Read More »

What does the term s/p mean?

The abbreviation s/p is an acronym used in the medical community for status/post. Status/post is used to alert medical caregivers and personnel of prior conditions a patient has recently suffered.R... Read More »

What does the term 120 hz mean on a tv?

Normally in the US voltage for TVs is 120 volts at 60 Hz (hertz). Many countries use 220, 230 or 240 volts at 50 Hz. To understand hertz, you need to understand AC voltage. AC voltage cycles betwee... Read More »

What does the term DLL mean?

The term "DLL" stands for "Dynamic Link Library." Many of the core files of the Windows operating system are .DLL files, including device drivers, executable programs and libraries of code that pro... Read More »