What does the computer term"wiki"mean?

Answer The computer term "wiki" describes a type of internet website that allows users to add and edit content on the site using normal web browsers; Wikipedia is one of the best known wiki sites on the I... Read More »

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What does defragmenting your computer do exactly does it speed up your computer and if it does, by how much?

It rearranges the files on your hard drive so it is quicker to access. You hard drive is a magnetic disk and the head will write dots on any place it finds, placer all of dots on only one section o... Read More »

What is the function of RAM in computer and how does its speed affect computer?

Ram is Random Access Memory, or what people think of as "Memory". Instructions are executed out of memory, so your computer cannot operate without it. Memory speed can be a limiting factor for yo... Read More »

What does computer slots and computer sockets do?

On a computer a slot form mainboard provides a soldered on slot to put a card fit with the exact same number of pin count as the slot. This card has a computer processor soldered onto it. A socke... Read More »

Hey!! Does anyone know what Limewire is Is it free Does it harm your computer at all?

Limewire is a file sharing program. It is free and if you stay away from movies you should be fine. Movies tend to have viruses attached to them. Limewire is alright but you should get soulseek ins... Read More »