What does ink color mean in signatures?

Answer Different ink colors for signatures symbolize different things depending on the person writing the signature. Black symbolizes power while blue represents dynamism and evokes calm. Red symbolizes l... Read More »

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What does OSB edge color mean?

The OSB edge color on wood boards means that there is a water-resistant coating on the edges to reduce swelling. These boards are color-coded to indicate which environments will be harmful to the w... Read More »

What does the color of a hard hat mean?

There is no national standardized color system for hard hats. In many cases, green hard hats indicate management, while white hard hats generally go to staff. Highway and road crews often wear yell... Read More »

What does the color yellow mean?

Yellow symbolizes a wide range of emotions and events. In the psychic realm, yellow signifies confidence, focus, inspiration and manipulation. Floral designers use yellow blooms to portray friendsh... Read More »

What does green mean as a color?

The color green is often associated with money or wealth. Green also means nature, fertility, life, self-respect and well-being. Alternately, the color green can be a symbol of learning, growth and... Read More »