What does a purple rose represent?

Answer Purple roses of a lighter color, such as lavender, symbolize love at first sight, magic and enchantment. Purple roses of a darker color symbolize royalty, majesty, protection, parental love, elegan... Read More »

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What do purple hope ribbons represent?

There are several different causes that use the purple color on hope ribbons. The most popular cause is the cancer survivor's ribbon. Other causes include pancreatic cancer, domestic violence, thyr... Read More »

What does the color yellow represent?

Yellow represents sunshine. The hue stands for joy, hope and abundant energy. Walls decorated with yellow paint evoke feelings of warmth. Wear yellow if you like attracting the attention of others ... Read More »

What does the color green represent in Mexico?

The green found on Mexico’s tri-color flag represents the country’s independence from Spain. The red in the flag symbolizes the blood of the country’s national heroes and the white represents... Read More »

What does the color green represent on Christmas?

Historians believe that Christmas green represents the renewal of life. It is thought to be derived from the Celtic-Germanic reverence for the spirit of evergreens that survived the cold winters, b... Read More »