What does the color yellow symbolize in Egypt?

Answer The color yellow in ancient Egyptian folklore generally means eternal or indestructible. Both the sun and gold are yellow, and considered resilient and everlasting. Many gods, pharaohs and others w... Read More »

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What does the color white symbolize on the Colorado flag?

White on the Colorado flag symbolizes the snow-capped mountains. Blue represents clear skies; gold, sunshine; and red, the soil. Colorado's star on the United States flag was added in 1877, making ... Read More »

My favorite color is pink and i need another color that goes with pink to paint my room?

I love the color pink paired up with chocolate brown

I just moved in the apartment. the bathroom is all pink:tiles, toilet, sink. what color rug is good with pink?

What does it mean if you get your period six days late and it starts out with a light pink color?

Answer It probably just means you were late this month. I am normally a very regular person and I was late two months in a row, for no reason. If you are worried, call your doctor, but if you had... Read More »