What color does an apple look like through a green filter?

Answer If you use a green filter on objects that are lighted with natural or nonfiltered light, the object will turn green. Therefore, an apple, whether red, green or yellow, will look green through a gre... Read More »

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Does my hair color look like Jennifer Aniston (PIC)!?

Can antique opal rings have an opal veneer on top?

Antique opal rings can have veneer on top. There are many types of opal stones found in antique rings: solid, boulder, doublet, or triplet opals. Non-solid stones often have a veneer of opal attach... Read More »

How to Tell What You Would Look Like With a Different Color Hair?

In the past, the only way to tell how a certain hair style or color would look on you was to change your hair to that style or color. Now, however, virtual hair colorization tools allow you to see ... Read More »

What color will my swimming pool water look like with a black liner?

A black swimming pool liner will cause the water in your pool to take on a very dark blue hue. Depending on the lighting in and around the pool, the color might also range from a deep violet to a n... Read More »