What does the blue led color on Android mean?

Answer The blue LED is probably not Android per se, but a third party -- likely through an app."Android allows third party applications to control the multi-color LED and utilize other colors. Facebook fo... Read More »

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What does the color blue mean on a mood ring?

Essentially, mood rings contain liquid crystal that changes color based on temperature. The rings supposedly sense your emotions by correlating your temperature to how you feel. Blue is one of the ... Read More »

What eye color does brown and blue make?

I think it is hazel but im not sure Hazel

What color does orange&dark blue make?

When you mix dark blue and orange, you get a shade of brown. Blue and orange are complementary colors. Any time you mix complementary colors, the result is a muddy brown. Other complementary color ... Read More »

What color laser beam does a blue ray drive use?