What is the song Viva la Vida about?

Answer I just thought it was a song of losing love and regret. The singer used to have it all in life- he had a person who he loved at his side, and he based his life around it. His life is a 'kingdom' of... Read More »

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Which episode of 'viva la bam' did Bam say he just said every finnish word in the fing dictionary in a matter of five minutes and who was he talking about?

Does talking about what ICS is violate OPSEC?

No. In the case of any operations-based organization or any operation, sophisticated opponents will already know about the existence of said organization. Talking generally about such organizations... Read More »

What does 10-24 mean when talking about screws?

A 10-24 screw is a machine screw with a shaft diameter that measures between .1818 to .1900 inches. Industry standard numeric sizes are based on shaft diameter; this is where the number 10 comes fr... Read More »

What Does LTV Stand for in Talking About House Mortgage?

In the mortgage world, there are many terms with which consumers should be familiar. LTV is an abbreviation that shows up often when potential homebuyers head to banks to ask for money.