What does the chemistry term"CH4"mean?

Answer The compound with the chemical formula CH4 is commonly known as methane. It is the simplest hydrocarbon compound, consisting of one carbon atom (represented in the formula by "C") and four hydrogen... Read More »

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What does pH mean in chemistry?

In chemistry, the term pH stands for "potential of hydrogen." The pH scale measures how acidic or alkaline (basic) a substance is. The pH scale is numerical, and one common use for it is to test wa... Read More »

What is oh in chemistry?

The OH group is an oxygen with a bonded hydrogen. It occurs on water molecules, inorganic ions like phosphates and organic molecules like alcohols. It also occurs as a negative ion, OH-. The OH gro... Read More »

What is aq in chemistry?

Chemistry is the study of matter. Chemists utilize many words and symbols to explain reactions by substances. Many of the terms become abbreviated to facilitate notation in equations. One such term... Read More »

How to Teach a Chemistry Lab?

Hands-on learning is an important part of chemistry courses for students of all age levels. Through participation in a lab activity, students learn the principles and laws of chemistry. Teaching a ... Read More »