How to Weave a Celtic Knot?

Answer Interlacing cords into patterned weaves use macrame techniques. This art form creates decorative knots, jewelry pieces, as well as patterned fabric panels to accent garments as decorative overlays.... Read More »

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How to Draw a Celtic Knot?

The complexity that makes Celtic knots so appealing is also what makes them difficult to draw. These stylized knots adapted by ancient Celts consist of a single line that traces an endless path ove... Read More »

What does a Celtic cross gold ring and heart mean?

A Celtic cross gold ring and heart, which is called a Claddagh ring, means love (the heart), loyalty (the crown) and friendship (the hands). It originated in Ireland and is traditionally given as a... Read More »

What does a red carnation symbolize?

Dark red carnations symbolize desire, affection and deep abiding love. Light red carnations symbolize respect and admiration. Carnations are one of the official Mother’s Day flowers. A bouquet of... Read More »

What does a flamingo symbolize?

In ancient Egypt, flamingos were symbols of the sun. Egyptians believed that flamingos represented the sun god Ra. Flamingos also have been known to symbolize "beauty, balance and grace." In modern... Read More »