What does the career of nursing include?

Answer A registered nurse (RN) is a career in the health care industry that works under the supervision of a physician. These professionals care for sick or injured patients.EducationEducational requireme... Read More »

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How do I Include Liberal Arts in Nursing Education?

Studying the liberal arts has many advantages. Courses in writing, philosophy, history and literature teach students many important lessons. Such lessons include how to read a text closely for mean... Read More »

Why do you choose nursing as a career?

Nursing is one of our nation's oldest and most well respected professions. After undergoing proper education and training, many aspiring nurses embark on careers that last decades. Career seekers w... Read More »

How to Pursue a Career in Nursing?

With more than 2.5 million nurses employed in the United States, coupled with severe shortages in many communities, nursing offers the largest workforce opportunity in the health care field. Pursui... Read More »

What is the highest paid nursing career?

Nursing salaries can vary according to location and institution. In most regions, however, the highest-paid nurses are certified nurse anesthetists. According to the All Nurses.Com Salary Wizard, n... Read More »