What does the bully feel like when they have bullied someone else?

Answer They feel scared, so they bully someone whos weakier then them. Or someone who won't fight back. Also bullies only bully when they have two people in back of them.

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What do you do when a bully tries to make you feel bad?

Well you stay proud walk away with a guilt free feeling and don't let it get to you that's what they want because of rudeness.

How to Make a Bully Feel Stupid?

How to make a bully feel stupid.

Is the person bully the bully on the internet will go to jail?

Nope. If a bully is bullying you on the the internet, he/she will not go to jail. UNLESS, threats are involved.

Is bully the same as bully scholarship addition?

NONO"NO NO"? Haha Bully Scholarship Edition has More Missions than Regular Bully. I think it Has 6-8 more missions.