What does the bully feel like when they have bullied someone else?

Answer They feel scared, so they bully someone whos weakier then them. Or someone who won't fight back. Also bullies only bully when they have two people in back of them.

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How many years does someone have to have been driving for, before they can teach someone else to drive?

In UK you have to have had a licence for 3 years and be over 21

Does anyone else feel like they spend their entire day saying no and don't touch?

OMG! My life has turned into dont, no, stop, please! As you can see from my picture Cade has started to put his hands on his ears- like I can hear you. It cracks me up.I never taught him that eithe... Read More »

Does anyone else feel like a racist when you're doing laundry?

uh you're racist!i think i'm gonna report an abuse lol

Does anyone else get annoyed when they see someone smoking while driving?

yes! i agree. i always think it would serve them right if they had a can smoking not be distracting? you are suppose to have 2 hands on the wheel, what if they drop it in their... Read More »