Is Godfather's Pizza buffet good How does it compare to Cici's buffet?

Answer Well, it couldn't possibly be worse.Could it?

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American buffet or international buffet?

How much for hometown buffet Before it cost $10?

I used to eat at a Chinese buffet for $9 per person, but they closed down because sumo-Japanese people would come and take advantage and eat all the shrimp -_________-

Home Town Buffet COST/FEE?

Last time I went, it wasn't worth the price of entry. The food is worse than ever, and the place is getting more expensive. Only people that go there are "Trough" eaters. The offerings are down, qu... Read More »

What is the cost for Hometown Buffet per person?

It varies a little by the meal, and day, but it is usually around $10 per adult. Kids are cheaper, but I don't know the exact price.