What does the blue& red stand for on the Confederate flag?

Answer When the Confederate States of America put together its national flag, a committee of six members of the provisional congress chose the colors red, white and blue for the flag because, they claimed... Read More »

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What do the blue& red on the U.S. flag stand for?

The blue background for the stars on the United States flag stands for vigilance, perseverance and justice. The red stripes on the U.S. flag stand for hardiness and valor.References:U.S. Flag

Why are the colors red, white& blue in the American flag?

When the flag of the United States was adopted in 1777, the specified colors of red, white and blue were not ascribed a specific meaning. However, meaning was assigned to the colors of the Seal of ... Read More »

What does the red POW-MIA flag stand for?

The red POW-MIA flag doesn't stand for anything different than the standard black flag. The importance lies in the meaning of the flag. It's a representation and reminder of soldiers who never came... Read More »

What does the red stand for on the U.S. flag?

The colors on the U.S. flag have no official significance. However, the red used on the Great Seal of the United States, which was designed in 1782, stands for valor and bravery, according to Ben's... Read More »