What does the black ladybird beetle eat?

Answer Black lady birds eat nothing,but drink humans body.

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What sound does a ladybird make?

If they are in any way like the American cousin of the ladybird, the ladybug...none that we can easily hear.

What does the ladybird food chain look like?

Oak tree-------- Fox----------- Ladybird -------------- Aphid

What is the scientific name for a black beetle?

Different types of beetles are called black beetles, including the black carpet beetle and the common black ground beetle. The scientific names of these are Attagenus unicolor and Pterostichus mela... Read More »

What is the scientific name for an orange beetle with black spots?

There are many types of beetles that are orange with black spots, but the most common ones come from the family Coccinellidae. The beetles commonly referred to as "ladybugs" most likely come from t... Read More »