What does the bark of the sugar gum tree look like?

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Why does a sugar glider bark?

Sugar gliders are small, exotic pets that are very vocal. One of the most common vocalizations that these marsupials make--and make often--is called "barking."What the Bark Sounds LikeThe most comm... Read More »

How does tree bark help the tree survive?

Bark protects a tree, much like our skin protects us. It serves as a "barrier" to the elements. :)

Why Does a Tree Lose Its Bark?

Bark loss might seem like a minor, superficial wound, but it can kill your tree. Underneath the bark is the tree's phloem layer. It carries nutrients between the leaves and the roots. If it becomes... Read More »

Does tree bark paneling mold?

Tree bark wood paneling can become moldy, especially if the environment has a high level of humidity. Mold can grow on any organic material in the right environmental conditions. Moisture of any le... Read More »