What does the barcode on a Ferrari race car mean?

Answer Marlboro is the official sponsor of the Ferrari race cars, but since tobacco advertisements have been frowned upon in the racing industry, the Marlboro company changed its logo to represent a bar c... Read More »

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What does SF mean on the Ferrari badge?

Ferrari is an Italian car manufacturer, known for its sports cars. Some Ferrari models feature a logo with the "prancing horse," the colors of the Italian flag on the crown and the letters "SF," wh... Read More »

Can a dodge viper beat a Ferrari in a race?

yes to me because dodge vipers has the torque and power to beat almost any car i seen it beat Porsche and Lamborghini easy...the only downside is handling since the lack of stability

What does the channel in Air Hog race cars mean?

A channel in Air Hog race cars refers to the frequency at which the car runs. If you are planning on racing Air Hog cars, two cars cannot run at the same frequency. Air Hogs come in four different ... Read More »

What do the numbers on a barcode mean?

Numbers on barcodes are identification numbers that reference more detailed information that is stored in computers. Barcodes on retail items reference information such as price, vendor, quantity i... Read More »