Can doctors use a pigs heart or a cows heart for a human heart transplant?

Answer Let's think about size -- a cow's heart is simply too large to be placed in the existing spot in a human. It is true that a baboon's heart was placed in a baby, but she survived just one day with ... Read More »

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How much does the human colon weigh?

The colon is part of the large intestine and is responsible for transporting waste from the small intestine to the rectum. When full, the average colon weighs four pounds. When empty, it can weigh ... Read More »

How much do human bones weigh?

Human bones don't have a set weight--it's based on a person's total body weight instead. Since bones typically make up 15 percent of body weight, you could figure that a 200-pound man would have bo... Read More »

How much does a human skeleton weigh?

The skeleton of a 160-pound man weighs about 30 pounds. Skeletal weight differs for a young child, a woman and extremes in height. The average human skull weighs 2.2 pounds. As a whole, the skeleto... Read More »

Is it accurate if I weigh my dog on a human scale?

A dog's weight is an indicator of his overall health and if he has health problems, he should be weighed regularly. You can weigh him at home by first weighing yourself. Then, you can hold your pet... Read More »