What does the average American pay in income taxes?

Answer According to the Tax Foundation, the average American paid 28.2 percent of their wages to income taxes in 2009. This took 103 days to pay off--or until April 13 of the tax year. However, this varie... Read More »

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What percent of their income does the average American pay in taxes?

As of 2009, the Congressional Budget Office reported overall tax rates were 20.7 percent of the average American's income. However, according to an estimate by the Tax Policy Center, nearly 65.6 mi... Read More »

Are American Indians exempt from federal income taxes?

American Indians are not exempt from federal income taxes, but are exempt from state taxes if they live and work on a reservation or trust lands. American Indian tribes also can collect taxes from ... Read More »

The Average Charitable Deduction for Taxes Based on Income?

The IRS doesn't provide statistics on the average charitable deduction taxpayers claim relative to their income. The tax rule covering your charitable deductions allows you to claim the full value ... Read More »

The Average Citizen Pays What Percentage of Their Income on Taxes?

Federal and local governments generate revenue from a variety of taxes and fees, but most citizens are familiar with income taxes. The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities reported in April 2011 ... Read More »