How to Create Anarchy Symbol Graphics?

Answer Anarchy symbols can be easy to create, but the basic shape itself looks plain and lacks texture. It certain doesn't make one think of anarchy. However, with the use of a few filters and techniques,... Read More »

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What does the symbol ++ mean?

Programming languages such as Java and the C language family use the increment operator, "++," in lieu of writing out: variable = variable + 1. If placed before the variable name—such as ++i—t... Read More »

What does the symbol ir mean?

"IR" is the abbreviation for "Iridium," a transition metal on the periodic table of elements. Its atomic number is 77, and its name comes from the Latin "iris," which refers to its rainbow-like sal... Read More »

What does the symbol aq mean?

The symbol "aq" is used in chemical equations to show that the ions in the solution are in the aqueous form, according to The symbol means that the ions are hydrated or attached to water... Read More »

What does the Christian symbol IHS mean?

According to Fish Eaters, the monogram IHS stands for "IHESUS," and is the way Jesus Christ's name was spelled during the Middle Ages. It dates back to approxiately the 8th century and was made pop... Read More »