What does the acronym gt mean for the mustang?

Answer A Mustang GT is a Mustang Gran Turismo. GT is an Italian term that translates literally as "touring on a grand scale." It is used to refer to a luxury model high-performance sports car that is suit... Read More »

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What does the acronym DSL mean?

The acronym (technically, the initialism) DSL stands for "digital subscriber line." DSL provides a broadband connection to the internet using telephone lines. ADSL, which stands for "asymmetric DSL... Read More »

What does the acronym SDN BHD mean?

The acronym SDN BHD is the Malaysian equivalent of the English term "Inc.," which stands for "incorporated." It shows that a business has been organized into a legal corporation that has been divid... Read More »

What does the acronym API mean?

The most common thing that the acronym API stands for is "Application Programming Interface." It may also stand for "Academic Performance Index," "Application Program Interface," "American Petrole... Read More »

What does the acronym CMM mean?

According to, CMM stands for Capability Maturity Model. Search Software Quality describes CMM as a five-level methodology of organized processes to develop and refine an organizat... Read More »