What does the acronym SES mean?

Answer SES stands for multiple things, dependent upon context. It stands for Socio Economic Status, the measure of financial class ranking in terms of economics. SES also stands for Search Engine Strategi... Read More »

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What does the acronym gbp mean?

The acronym GBP refers to the Pound Sterling, the currency of the United Kingdom as well as the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. The Pound Sterling can also be referred to as an English Pound o... Read More »

What does the acronym VAC mean?

The acronym VAC stands for Volts Alternating Current. The phrase Volts Alternating Current refers to how much electrical energy can flow through an electrical outlet. For example, in the United Sta... Read More »

What does the acronym dba mean?

Though dba most commonly means "doing business as," the Acronym Finder lists at least 50 meanings including database administrator, Doctor of Business Administration, database analysis, Digital Br... Read More »

What does the acronym SDN BHD mean?

The acronym SDN BHD is the Malaysian equivalent of the English term "Inc.," which stands for "incorporated." It shows that a business has been organized into a legal corporation that has been divid... Read More »