What does the acronym DFI stand for?

Answer DFI is short for the Department of Financial Institutions. Many states have a Department of Financial Institutions, which regulates the state's banks and credit unions. A DFI enforces business laws... Read More »

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What does the acronym CPU stand for?

CPU stands for central processing unit. It is a circuit on the computer that can be metaphorically referred to as the computer's "brains," as it performs most of the mathematical calculations that ... Read More »

What does the acronym LCC stand for?

LLC is not an acronym, as to be one the three letters would have to be pronounced together as a new word, as in RADAR, or CAT as in cat scan. The initialism LCC has hundreds of meanings. Some used ... Read More »

What does the acronym PMM stand for?

What does the acronym IRA stand for?

The acronym "IRA" stands for Individual Retirement Account. This is a type of investment account that allows an individual to set money aside for retirement. The earnings on this account are tax-de... Read More »