What does the ace of clubs symbolize?

Answer Different playing cards symbolize different things. The ace of clubs symbolizes an offer of a beneficial promotion. The ace of clubs can also be interpreted in a more spiritual sense as the energy ... Read More »

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What does the harpoon symbolize in the old man and the sea?

The lost harpoon - Santiago loses the harpoon as he fends off sharks, symbolic of individuals who lose their faith as life's woes attack.

What do garters symbolize?

Garters, circular pieces of fabric used to hold up stockings, are tossed by brides at many weddings. This practice symbolizes superstitions and traditions dating back to ancient times.Good LuckIn 1... Read More »

What does the number 59 symbolize?

The number 59 can symbolize a variety of things. Praseodymium, a metal element discovered in 1885, has an atomic number of 59. A score of 59 is considered golf's magic number because it is the lowe... Read More »

What does a red carnation symbolize?

Dark red carnations symbolize desire, affection and deep abiding love. Light red carnations symbolize respect and admiration. Carnations are one of the official Mother’s Day flowers. A bouquet of... Read More »