What does the accounting term""in the red""mean?

Answer The term "in the red" means a company is in debt and owes money to the bank or its creditors. The phrase has been used to describe a business's financial problems since the 1920s.DefinitionAny busi... Read More »

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What does"mm"mean in accounting?

In accounting and finance, "MM" is sometimes used as an abbreviation for a million. For example, 36 million dollars could be written as $36MM. However, it is more common to abbreviate a million as ... Read More »

What does G&A stand for in accounting?

G&A is an accounting acronym that typically refers to the indirect overhead costs associated with general and administrative expense and cost categories. The term SG&A also includes costs associate... Read More »

What does SOP stand for in accounting?

In accounting, SOP stands for "statement of position." The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) publishes statements of position for auditing, attestation and accounting purpo... Read More »

What does pa in accounting mean?

In the accounting profession, the term PA refers to a public accountant. Public accountants service businesses, individuals and organizations, and provide a variety of accounting and auditing servi... Read More »