What does the abbreviation qt mean?

Answer The Acronym Finder lists over 30 different meanings for QT. As a file extension, QT designates a Quicktime media file. It can also mean quart, quiet, cutie, quality tem, quiet time, queuing theory,... Read More »

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What does the abbreviation cvs mean?

In 1964 the first CVS store was opened in Lowell, Massachusetts, by brothers Stanley and Sidney Goldstein, and their partner Ralph Hoagland. The store was called consumer value stores, or CVS, and ... Read More »

What does the abbreviation V/R mean?

Depending on the context, V/R has the following meanings: virtual reality, volta region (Ghana), very respectfully (closing remark), virtual regards (closing remark for email). Of these meanings, t... Read More »

What does the abbreviation BBC?

The CIA is an abbreviation for what?

Central Intelligence Agency. Good Luck Dude.