What does the abbreviation key"fob"mean?

Answer According to an online dictionary key fob is not an abbreviation. The word fob refers to the front pocket in a man's trousers or pants, where he might store his keys. A fob can also refer to the ch... Read More »

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What does the abbreviation BBC?

What does the abbreviation a.k.a. mean?

The abbreviation a.k.a. is short for "also known as." It is a term used most commonly in legal documents and law enforcement in connection with a person who goes by more than one name or has a comm... Read More »

What does the abbreviation CPU stand for?

The abbreviation CPU stands for central processing unit. It is also referred to as the processor or chip. The CPU, which is located on the system board inside a computer, processes data and execute... Read More »

What does the abbreviation att. gen. mean?

The abbreviation “att. gen.” stands for attorney general, the chief criminal prosecutor and chief legal officer of the government of a state or a country. The Attorney General of the United Sta... Read More »