What does the abbreviation in PPO insurance stand for?

Answer In health insurance, the acronym "PPO" stands for preferred provider organization. This is a health care organization composed of health care providers who provide preset services at a reduced, or ... Read More »

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What does the abbreviation"Ph.D."stand for?

Ph.D. stands for the Latin term "Philosophiae Doctor." The English translation is Doctor of Philosophy. Someone who holds a doctorate degree may add "Ph.D." after his name in a signature or byline.... Read More »

What does the abbreviation dvd stand for?

DVD is short for "Digital Versatile Disk," formerly Digital Video Disk. A DVD is a digital recording of a movie or other video program on an optical disk that can be played on a computer monitor or... Read More »

What does the abbreviation"CD"stand for?

CD is an abbreviation for many terms. It is most widely used as shorthand for "compact disc." Other common uses include "certificate of deposit" in the business and banking industry, "circuit desi... Read More »

What does abbreviation CPU stand for?

The abbreviation CPU refers to a computer's central processing unit. The CPU, also called the processor, runs computer software and applications. A more powerful CPU will run software more quickly ... Read More »