What does the abbreviation fccp mean?

Answer The abbreviation "FCCP" can refer to a number of programs and organizations, including Fellow of the American College of Chest Physicians, Fellow of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy, Feede... Read More »

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What does the abbreviation"A.D."mean?

A.D. stands for "anno Domini," a Latin term meaning "In the year of the Lord"--not "after death" as many sometimes think. It is used to denote a year, similar to "B.C." However, A.D. and B.C. are c... Read More »

What does the abbreviation cvs mean?

In 1964 the first CVS store was opened in Lowell, Massachusetts, by brothers Stanley and Sidney Goldstein, and their partner Ralph Hoagland. The store was called consumer value stores, or CVS, and ... Read More »

What does the abbreviation SM mean?

The abbreviation "SM" possesses multiple meanings. In its best-known meaning, used in the business world, it stands for service mark, which distinguishes a service from a competitor. Other common m... Read More »

What does the abbreviation"PC"mean in law?

The abbreviation "PC" in the name of a law firm stands for "professional corporation," a form of corporate organization specifically designed for professionals such as attorneys, physicians, accoun... Read More »