What does the abbreviation "TD" stand for?

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What does the abbreviation"Ph.D."stand for?

Ph.D. stands for the Latin term "Philosophiae Doctor." The English translation is Doctor of Philosophy. Someone who holds a doctorate degree may add "Ph.D." after his name in a signature or byline.... Read More »

What does abbreviation CPU stand for?

The abbreviation CPU refers to a computer's central processing unit. The CPU, also called the processor, runs computer software and applications. A more powerful CPU will run software more quickly ... Read More »

What does the abbreviation dvd stand for?

DVD is short for "Digital Versatile Disk," formerly Digital Video Disk. A DVD is a digital recording of a movie or other video program on an optical disk that can be played on a computer monitor or... Read More »

What does the abbreviation MGM stand for?

The abbreviation MGM, of the American media company, stands for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Marcus Loew bought both Metro Pictures Corporation and Goldwyn Pictures in 1924. His aim was to provide movies f... Read More »