What does the US give to Japan?

Answer we give those japanese s**t till they could eat

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What does yaris mean in Japan?

The word 'yaris' is not a Japanese word. The word 'yaris' is a combination of 'ya' from the German expression of agreement and 'charis,' which is the name of a goddess in Greek mythology. The word ... Read More »

What vaccinations etc. does one need to go to Japan?

None at all Japan is advanced and very safe so you need zero vaccinations. http://answers.yaho... Read More »

What does the red dot on the Japan flag represent?

The red circle in the middle of the Japanese flag represents the sun. The flag, adopted in 1870 as the national flag, is called "Nisshoki," which literally means "rising sun flag.''Source:Japanese ... Read More »

What does the white fox symbolize in japan?

The white fox symbolizes the Inari Temple in Japanese culture. Inari is the Japanese god of rice, sake and prosperity. In modern times, Inari has also come to be the god of business. Therefore, the... Read More »