RHH: Name The Top 5 Best Rappers From Compton, California?

Answer B.G. Knocc OutDJ QuikMC Ren MC EihtKing Tee

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How to Come Up with a Good Stage Name for Rappers or MCs?

A good alias can be the difference between a hit... and a flop.

What does the name of the band rem stand for?

The name of the band R.E.M. doesn't actually stand for anything. In the band's early days when members were considering a number of names, lead singer Michael Stipe decided to randomly choose somet... Read More »

What does the name josh stand for?

what josh means i dont know but ill be funny jelly oval slushy head

What does DBA stand for behind a name?

DBA is an abbreviation for "Doing Business As." People follow their names with DBA when the business name is not the same as the person's name, the registered name or the name of the business's par... Read More »