What does the Swiss flag represent?

Answer Although Switzerland has had a single flag only since the 19th century, it represents the long history of the unification of its cantons. Its shape and symbols reflect the shared heritage of all th... Read More »

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What did the American flag look like during the civil war?

The American flag in the Civil War resembled the current American flag with 13 horizontal stripes of alternating red and white and a field of blue with white, five-pointed stars on the top left. Ho... Read More »

What color is the Swiss flag?

The current Swiss flag was originally adopted by the country on December 12, 1889. This makes the Swiss flag one of the oldest ones still in use. The flag has a white cross in the center of a red ... Read More »

How do I Make a Creative Swiss Flag?

Switzerland is a small European country often noted for its independent minded citizens, referred to as the Swiss. The country's flag is a simple red square, with a broad equilateral white cross in... Read More »

How to: A Swiss Flag Lapel Pin Made With Beads?

A Swiss flag lapel pin can be made with red and white size "E" beads and safety pins. The iconic flag of Switzerland, which has a red background with a white cross in the center, can be made by str... Read More »