What does the SD stand for in a SD card?

Answer The "SD" in an SD card stands for secure digital. This tiny device makes it easy to store music, personal pictures, video, voice recordings and images on a safe card that you can insert into camera... Read More »

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What does sim stand for in a sim card?

SIM stands for subscriber identity module. SIM cards are data-storage cards used in electronic devices such as cell phones and smartphones. SIM cards may hold phone numbers and other information. T... Read More »

What does CE on memory card stand for?

What Do Debit Card Numbers Stand for?

In the 1980s when electronic banking began, banks issued debit cards for use only with their own ATMs. The debit cards' number systems were as varied as their issuers. However, as debit cards evolv... Read More »

What if the bakugan can't stand on the metal gate card?