What does the PT stand for in PT Cruiser?

Answer Motor Trend magazine proclaimed Chrysler's PT Cruiser 2001's Car of the Year for its practicality and innovative design. Motor Trend also unveiled the meaning behind the car's mysterious initials: ... Read More »

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What does the FJ stand for in FJ Cruiser?

The FJ Cruiser is an SUV made by Toyota. The F designates the engine type; it has a 2F gasoline engine. The J designates country of origin; the FJ Cruiser is made in Body... Read More »

What does the PT stand for in a PT Cruiser car?

When talking about a Chrysler PT Cruiser, the PT stands for "Personal Transportation." Originally, the abbreviation was speculated to stand for "Plymouth Truck," since early Plymouth trucks were na... Read More »

What does FJ stand for in FJ Cruiser?

The Toyota FJ Cruiser name honors the FJ 40 from the 1960s. "F" designates the type of engine and "J" stands for the body type (Jeep), according to Off-Road. The FJ 40's second and third VIN charac... Read More »

What does the pt in pt cruiser stand for?

The "PT" in PT Cruiser stands for "Personal Transportation." The car company Chrysler manufactures them. PT Cruisers have a starting price tag of approximately $18,000 and get 24 miles per gallon h... Read More »