What does the PETE number mean on a plastic bottle?

Answer According to Peninsula Sanitary Service Inc. of the Stanford Recycling Center, the number stamped on the bottom of plastic containers seen inside a triangular recycling symbol identifies the type o... Read More »

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What does p mean on a plastic bottle?

The "p" followed by another letter indicates where a bottle can be recycled. According to the American Chemistry Council, PP stands for polypropylene, commonly used in plastic bottles. When recycle... Read More »

What do the symbols on a plastic bottle mean?

In 1988, the Society of the Plastics Industry Inc. introduced a numerical coding system for plastics that tells consumers the type of plastic used in the container. These numbers, ranging from 1 to... Read More »

Are plastic plants made of pete plastic?

Plastic, or artificial, plants are indeed made of pete (polyethylene) plastic, specifically the foliage of the plant. Other materials like wire and fabric are also used in the creation of plastic p... Read More »

I put some hot water in a plastic bottle and my bottle shrank is there anyway that I could I shrink it?

What has happened is that your bottle has collapsed, because your putting hot liquid in it and then putting on a lid created a vacuum. This has been demonstrated millions of times in junior high sc... Read More »