What does the Navy SEALS stand for?

Answer A Navy SEAL is a highly trained member of a Naval Special Warfare unit. The word "SEAL" is an acronym for Sea, Air and Land. Navy SEALs conduct missions at sea, in air and on land.Source:Princeton ... Read More »

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Navy seals- what does buds stand for?

BUDS stands for Basic Underwater Demolition School. The original purpose of the organization that evolved into the Navy SEALs was to destroy items that prevented the navy from landing troops. Mak... Read More »

Where were the navy seals when they became navy SEALS?

Before, then U.S. Navy Seals, were who they are, they were classified UDT - or - Underwater Demolition Team. I don't know when they officially became Seals. JFK authorized the formation of the SEALS.

What does SEALs mean in the US Navy?

What does the navy seals symbol signifie?

There are three parts of the SEAL insignia and these symbolize the areas that Navy SEALs excel in -sea, air and land. Here is the representation of the Navy SEAL insignia: * The anchor and the tri... Read More »