What does the Nasdaq number mean?

Answer The NASDAQ number is a composite number representing information about the state of the stock market. Knowing what this number means can help determine what is done with individual or corporate sto... Read More »

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What do the NASDAQ numbers mean?

NASDAQ, as defined by the Encyclopedia Britannica, is "an American stock market that handles electronic securities trading around the world." According to NASDAQ itself, the acronym is short for N... Read More »

What is the Dow Jones& the Nasdaq?

Many people refer to the Dow (Jones) and the Nasdaq when talking about the stock market. "The Dow Jones" refers to the DJIA (not to be confused with the Dow Jones and Co. that publishes The Wall St... Read More »

How are Amex& Nasdaq different?

The American Stock Exchange (also known as AMEX) and Nasdaq are two alternative stock exchanges that are separate from the New York Stock Exchange, the United States' largest exchange. Each exchang... Read More »

What is the difference between teh Nasdaq, Dow etc?

Both the Dow (the Dow Jones Industrial Average) and the Nasdaq (Nasdaq Composite Index) are indexes that serve as overall approximations regarding the state of the entire American stock market. The... Read More »