What does the Kia extended warranty cover?

Answer An increasingly popular brand of small- to mid-size cars and sport utility vehicles, Kia offers fuel-efficient vehicles at prices affordable on nearly any budget. The brand's extended warranty off... Read More »

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What does extended warranty cover when new fridge breaks down?

Coverage varies with different warranties. Check the terms and conditions of (on) the policy or call the company and have the details explained.

What type of insurance do you need if you are starting an auto warranty company To cover the warranty in case you go out of business.?

Product Liability and General Insurance Liability and surety bonds with the states you underwrite in. Florida is the hardest state to sell warranties in.

What is an extended warranty?

Extended warranties cover parts and labor beyond what a standard warranty covers for vehicles and appliances. At the time of purchase, you may be encouraged to buy an extended warranty to protect y... Read More »

Do you need to buy an extended warranty for an LCD TV?

On One Hand: An Extended Warranty May Not Be NecessaryAccording to a 2007 study by Consumer Reports, LCD TVs only had a 3 percent repair rate, making extended warranties unnecessary. The majority o... Read More »