What does the Kabuki mask mean?

Answer Kabuki refers to an ancient Japanese brand of folk theater. The Kabuki mask refers to the mostly white make-up, and sometimes physical masks, that the actors wear. There are over a hundred differen... Read More »

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What does portrait mask mean?

A portrait mask is a decorative art mask that is meant to portray a specific person, place or thing. For example, African and Egyptian cultures use portrait masks to portray powerful leaders and sp... Read More »

What does a Hawaiian dragon mask mean?

Dragons are a part of Hawaii's folklore, seen as mythical beasts and gods that had an impact on the creation of Earth. These mythical symbols were highly connected to nature. Hand carved tiki masks... Read More »

What Are Kabuki Brushes?

Kabuki brushes are a must-have tool for anyone's makeup kit. If you wear blush or bronzer, owning a soft kabuki brush will make application easy and even. Keeping these makeup brushes clean will al... Read More »

What Is a Kabuki Brush Made Of?

The popularity of mineral makeup has driven a corresponding increase in popularity of a type of makeup brush called kabuki. Originating in Japan, kabuki brushes were used by actors and geishas, or ... Read More »