What does the Grateful Dead hand with the finger missing mean?

Answer The Grateful Dead hand with the finger missing represents the missing right middle finger of guitarist Jerry Garcia. Garcia lost his half of his finger to a wood-chopping axe when he was four. He w... Read More »

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How did the Grateful Dead get their name?

There are a few different theories about how the influential 1960s band the Grateful Dead came about their name, but they tend to revolve around a coincidence involving a dictionary.The Phil Lesh V... Read More »

How many shows did the grateful dead play?

The Grateful Dead played 2,318 shows throughout their career. The band's final concert took place on July 9, 1995, exactly one month before front man Jerry Garcia died of a heart attack during a st... Read More »

Will the grateful dead channel be on xm radio best of both option?

You won't need any special subscription option to listen to the Grateful Dead Channel on satellite radio. The channel is available to both standard Sirius subscribers, as channel 32, and standard X... Read More »

A few questions about the Grateful Dead Please hurry, I need answers ASAP :)?

1) i think it's Micky Hart2) They have 13 studio albums, then they got a bunch of live albums ( dick picks, road trips,etc) not to mention every show has been recorded by an audience member and maj... Read More »