What does the German word"weiss"mean in English?

Answer Weiss means "white." The double-S at the end is using the English alphabet. In German, it is a character that looks a bit like a capital B, but stands in for two S's. The word is pronounced "vice."... Read More »

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Does anyone know what's a good electronic german to english dictionary/translator Thx.?

well... I speak German... I lived there for 10 years and passed the fluency test for a minor and for my work. I really haven't found anything that really work that well. Unfortunately there are far... Read More »

How to Learn English & German?

Although English is more widespread, with more than 300 million native speakers globally compared to German's 98 million, German is the language of travelers. That is, more Germans travel abroad th... Read More »

How to Learn German to English on a CD?

If you're a native German-speaking person and you want to better your understanding of the English language, there is a wide variety of different CDs that you can use to do just that. These CDs, wh... Read More »

Where can I convert German to English?

According to "German: How to Speak and Write It," the simplest method of becoming fluent in a language may be to memorize several useful phrases. Many websites offer translations from German to oth... Read More »