What does the G in G-mail stand for?

Answer Google?Or, Grief. Like, Grief-Mail.Or like, "Good Grief. I need to reply to a client and my mail host running on cloud technologies is sitting on a cloud!"

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What does POP mail server stand for?

POP stands for Post Office Protocol. Along with IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol), POP is the most widely used Internet protocol for accessing email servers. The POP standard is the more basi... Read More »

What does Cc stand for in Yahoo Mail when you are composing an email?

It means Carbon copy, meaning you can send a copy of yor email to the email address of the person you put on the Cc line.

How long does media mail take for the united states mail?

USPS Media Mail takes 2 to 8 days to reach its destination. Media Mail is cheaper than other postal rates, but you can only use it to send media (such as books, videos and sound recordings), with a... Read More »

After switching mail service to classic mail. how do I switch back to original mail mode?

Log in to the classic view. There is a button (all new mail) on the tool bar in the upper right corner next to the help button. Click it and it switches you over.