What does the Egyptian eye stand for?

Answer The Egyptian eye stands for healing and protection and symbolizes the right eye of Horus, the sun god. The dimensions of the eye were once used to determine the ratio of medicinal mixes. Modern me... Read More »

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Uses of Egyptian Oil?

Egyptian oils have countless medicinal and therapeutic benefits. You can use them topically or for aromatic purposes. Egyptians have produced oils for thousands of years using compound plants, and ... Read More »

How to Grease or Lube the Side Stand of a Motorcycle Center Stand That Pivots?

A motorcycle's side and center stands are among the most overlooked components on a bike. Stand lubrication is often neglected during regular maintenance. While the lack of lubrication has little t... Read More »

What is the name of Egyptian money?

The Egyptian unit of currency is called the Egyptian pound. According to Corporate Information, as of June 2010, one Egyptian pound is equivalent to approximately 17 or 18 American cents.References... Read More »

What is an Egyptian cartouche?

The cartouche is an oval-shaped, hieroglyphic nameplate with the border drawn to represent a rope. The cartouche is in various forms, including carving in stone or made as jewelry. Known in Ancien... Read More »